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The Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery is a wholesale and retail nursery specialising in growing indigenous native provenance stock in forestry tubes – trees, shrubs, climbers and grasses. Muru Mittigar Ltd endeavours to employ and train local indigenous people. Staff training is integral to the success of the Muru Mittigar Ltd with all staff gaining expertise in seed collection, propagation, bush regeneration, and traditional plant usage.

The Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery propagates vegetation in the form of trees, shrubs, climbers, grasses and ground covers, specialising in Western Sydney provenance and Cumberland Plain species. These plants are for sale to both commercial customers and the general public.

With the increasing demand for land for housing, habitat is now under more pressure than ever with many species now listed as threatened or endangered under NSW and Commonwealth legislation. The Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery ensures that original local species are used in rehabilitation projects, council plantings, parklands and increasingly in home gardens, to preserve the gene pool of the local native plants.


The Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery delivers professional Horticultural Consultation services to a range of industries, prior to the development of infrastructure works.

Working in consultation with clients we offer detailed analysis and reporting to assist with the submission of Development Applications, within industries such as construction and building development, public infrastructure, schools, housing and National Parks.

Offering a suite of programs including Development Approval submissions, revegetation, assisted bush regeneration, wetland establishment, landscaping and plant requirement assessments, the business delivers tailored packages to meet individual horticulture project requirements.


Our onsite production nursery can accommodate the delivery of tailored pants to meet a diverse range of revegetation projects. Our professional teams of trained horticulturalists, supported by the latest technology and equipment, collect seed throughout NSW, which is stored and processed at our central seed bank.

All plant life, including a large range of grasses, shrubs and trees, is grown onsite and monitored for growth. Temperature, moisture levels, pest and disease management is also monitored on a regular basis.



As one of the largest operating provenance seed banks in NSW, the Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery is supported by a sophisticated tracking infrastructure; with identification, storage, growth and availability documented through an extensive database system.

All stock is collected and maintained in accordance with Florabank guidelines; encouraging quality and choice for buyers of native Australian seed (an initiative of the Australian Government).