The Muru Mittigar Native Nursery is a wholesale and retail nursery, specialising in growing plants from the Sydney Region, grown from provenance seed collected in the local area. Our emerging plant lines include bush tucker plants, with species chosen from across Australia. Stock is primarily grown in forestry tubes and Hiko cells for their convenience and affordability, but we are increasingly growing in larger pot sizes to cater for gardeners, landscapers and developers wanting an instant effect. Muru Mittigar endeavours to employ and train local indigenous people wherever possible. Staff training is integral to the success of the Muru Mittigar Ltd with all staff gaining expertise in seed collection, propagation, bush regeneration, and traditional plant usage.

The Muru Mittigar Provenance Nursery propagates plants in the form of trees, shrubs, climbers, grasses and ground covers, specialising in species from the Cumberland Plain of Western Sydney, in addition to the sandstone species of the Blue Mountains and Greater Sydney Basin. These plants are for sale to both wholesale commercial customers and the general public from our retail section.

With the increasing demand of land for housing, habitat is now under more pressure than ever with many species now listed as threatened or endangered under NSW and Commonwealth legislation. The Muru Mittigar Native Nursery ensures that original local species are available for use in rehabilitation projects, council plantings, parklands and increasingly in home gardens, t