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Celebrating Culture
School & Teacher Programs

Delivering Aboriginal Cultural experiences to Students and Teachers.

Muru Mittigar delivers Aboriginal Cultural immersion through both off-site trips and on-site presentations, catering to various age groups from early childhood to high school. These programs build knowledge and understanding of a traditional Aboriginal lifestyle and the impacts of colonisation.

Our school programs have been designed and developed to create a unique opportunity for our local schools and their students to participate in an interactive and hands on experience with members of the local Aboriginal community through educational and cultural programs.

Our cultural educators introduce various aspects of Aboriginal culture, history, heritage, traditions, and protocols.

Primary & High School

We can adapt delivery to align with Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) per stage, or age group.

The Schools Program objectives include:

• The importance and significance of our Dreaming as our belief system and as a teaching method of values, morals and Lore, and the connection it has to ceremonies and traditional dance and song.
• To gain a stronger understanding of plants and animals and immediate environment with respect to the land.
• To develop an appreciation and knowledge of Aboriginal art and its value in visual story telling from generation to generation.
• Importantly to develop a sense of acknowledgement and respect for the traditional custodians of our country through cultural awareness.

Early Childhood

Our early childhood programs have been designed to provide a unique experience for early childhood carers and children.

It enables them to participate in an interactive experience with members of the local Aboriginal community through exciting cultural awareness education.

This program runs for approximately 1 hour and is presented by Aboriginal staff who hold current NSW Working with Children Checks and includes:

• Small culture talk including artefacts
• A dreamtime story
• Art knowledge presentation including ochre face painting
• Song and dance
• Basic language


Teacher Professional Development

Muru Mittigar is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development 
for teachers accredited.

The Cultural Awareness course aims to develop cultural sensitivity within the education sector.

It will help educators to understand why Aboriginal people are sensitive to particular issues e.g. the stolen generation. Within the course we aim to provide strategies for how these issues can be discussed and respectfully worked with.

Threaded throughout the cultural presentation and information, our aim is to raise a greater understanding and awareness of these values. In a culturally appropriate and safe training environment affords the opportunity for Teachers to share meaningful information respectfully and to take away effective strategies to share in their teaching practice.

We believe authentic and quality cultural awareness and understanding is fundamental to all key learning outcomes.

We are striving for excellence in teacher’s understanding of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander heritage, culture and spirituality using face-to-face presentation, panel discussion and culturally appropriate information and resource materials.

This course will cover the importance of identity and connection to Country/traditional lands; the impacts of colonisation and the changes to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, communities; land and environment.


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Completing On Country Aboriginal Professional Development will contribute up to 4 hours of NESA Registered professional development addressing 1.4.2.

Standard descriptors: 1.4.2 | Proficient Teachers Design and implement effective teaching strategies that are responsive to the local community and cultural setting, linguistic background, and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

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