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Muru Mittigar exists to create better understanding of Aboriginal culture and create better pathways to greater opportunity in the wider community for Indigenous Australians.

We are a Dharug-owned and run social enterprise in Western Sydney. We provide skills training and work opportunities, financial counselling, assistance with energy bills and no interest loans to our local Indigenous community.

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Social Enterprise Certified

Our certification as a social enterprise comes from Social Traders, an organisation dedicated to aiding Muru Mittigar in enhancing its capabilities as a provider of social enterprise procurement.

Supply Nation Registered

Being proud members of Supply Nation, we enthusiastically engage with procurement experts in both the corporate and government sectors, assisting them in achieving their objectives outlined in Indigenous Procurement Policies.

For further details, feel free to get in touch with us or explore our recent endeavours showcased in our case studies below.

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Our Work — Case Studies


Landscaping Renewal

Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore is one of Sydney’s busiest healthcare and hospital complexes with public and private facilities operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Muru Mittigar won a contract from NSW Health to renew and rejuvenate existing…

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Asset Protection Zones

School Infrastructure NSW

Bushfires have always been a natural part of the Australian landscape. However, climate change is making bushfires worse, with scientists predicting the risk of extreme bushfires will continue to increase. Compounding this, increased development in bushland areas creates even greater risk of harm and property damage.

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Bush Regeneration

Parramatta Park

There is a large Flying-fox colony located in Parramatta Park, an 85-hectare green space situated along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River. The colony roost in large trees along the riverbank on the northern section of the park. The park…

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Open Space Maintenance

SRAP Fulton Hogan Partnership

Fulton Hogan, an infrastructure and road engineering business has a partnership with the NSW government to develop, manage and maintain Sydney road assets – often blocks of land set aside for road development or for future…

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Garden Maintenance

Kimberwalli Centre for Excellence

Rising out of the grounds of the former Whalan High School, Kimberwalli is a place of deep connection to culture and country – a steppingstone between high school and higher education…

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Lennox Head Public School

Lennox Head Public School was a project that required special solutions and attention to detail, given the sensitivity of the site and the presence of children at the school…

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Acknowledgement of Aboriginal & Torres Strait People

Muru Mittigar is a proud Dharug Aboriginal Social Enterprise, providing ‘real time’ employment, education, and training opportunities to the Western Sydney Aboriginal & Torres Strait Community. Our offerings encompass authentic Australian Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Programs, Community Assistance and Financial Services, and high-quality Contracting and Consulting business services such as landscaping, arboriculture, native plant nursery and land conservation management services.

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