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Caring for Country

Muru Mittigar has developed the Arboriculture business of our Caring for Country division. This involves Arboricultural works that both maintains and promotes canopy cover while providing a safe environment for people, infrastructure and our native fauna.

Environmental & Community Outcomes

Muru Mittigar is a contracting social enterprise changing the way our land is managed. Our unique model of traditional land management practice adopts industry-leading use of technology. We deliver across diverse specialty areas and achieve social and workforce development outcomes.

Our Caring for Country Division allows stakeholders such as land managers, mining groups, land holders and government to outsource their environmental and community projects to a solutions-focused organisation. Our focus is to provide a maximum return on stakeholder investment.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a diseased or damaged tree cant be pruned or reduced and the only option is to remove the tree. Muru Mittigar’s tree division specialises in the safe removal of any tree where required using qualified arborists with state of the art gear.

Servicing our residential and commercial customers, our team plan all projects before work begins, to eliminate the risks associated with tree removals thus giving you peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands.

In Sydney, we have big trees with deep, large roots that can cause severe damage if they are not being removed by experienced arborists. Also in some cases where trees grow close to your house or other structure on your property, even trees that are not too big and heavy can cause lots of trouble and have consequences that involve expensive repairing if you try to cut them down without having the right experience. Call the specialists and save money, time and stress.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning involves removing limbs/branches where required to improve the health or shape of a tree. And necessary when branches pose a safety concern to property or human life. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any pruning job to industry standards AS4373-2007 amenity tree pruning.

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Tree Felling

Our trained arborists are experienced in the correct techniques for tree felling, ensuring the tree or remaining trunk is brought down in a controlled manner without causing damage to your home or surrounding structures.

Wood Chipping

Chipping is the process of feeding the branches and green waste through the chipper and creating mulch, if you have cut down branches in your garden or property we can come out and chip it for you. You can then use the mulch in your garden for the betterment of your remaining trees and shrubs or we can remove the mulch from site.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding usually occurs after the tree has been removed, however if you have existing stumps on your property we can also assist to remove them. Making your garden or lawn area easier to maintain and reducing trip hazards

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