Investing in the financial well-being of the Aboriginal and greater Western Sydney community through the provision of financial counselling services.

Situated in the heart of Penrith, the Community Finance Hub provides financial support services to communities in the Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Our financial services are free and delivered in a safe, confidential and respectful environment. We deliver our financial services from our Penrith office but also through outreach. They currently include:

NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme)

Interest & Fee free loans up to $1,500 enabling low income earners to purchase essential goods & services such as a fridge, washing machine, TV, car registration & CTP. *Conditions apply.

You can borrow between $300 - $1500


What can I get with the loan?

You can get up to 2 new essential items or services including:

White goods
Home Repairs
Health Items
Outdoor Equipment
ducation costs; Uniforms, Fees, Text Books, Computer / Laptop
Vehicle registration &/or CTP costs or repairs

What CAN’T I get with the loan?

NILS loans can’t be used for:

Day to day living expenses
Debts or debt consolidation
Rent or Bonds
Store Laybys
Holidays / Travel

How do I get a loan?

Call the staff at Muru Mittigar NILS to talk about getting a loan. We’ll send you an information pack with:

A letter
An application form
Details of the documents you’ll need to bring in for your interview

Once you decide you want to go ahead with the loan, call us to make a time for an interview. It’s that easy!

If you do not bring all your documents to the interview, your interview will be cancelled.


Helping people with a range of financial issues. For example: helping people to prepare a budget or assisting those with debts to construct an affordable payment plan to reduce debt.

Being harassed by debt collectors?:
We can stop the harassment and get you into a repayment plan that suits your budget.

Rent to buy & payday lending contracts:
We can help you by negotiating with these companies to get you into a payment plan that you can afford. We will also explain the true cost of these contracts and give you alternatives so that you won’t need to use these companies in the future.

Mortgage, personal loan or credit card stress:
We will negotiate with your bank and other lenders to get you back on track. In some cases we may be able to get the amount you owe reduced or have interest charges waived.

Budgeting / savings:
We will help you complete a budget that is tailored to keep you. This will keep you on track of your spending, paying bills and saving for your dreams and goals.

Reducing bank account fees & charges:
Did you know that late payment fees are charged if you miss your repayment date or pay less than the minimum payment amount? We can discuss ways to help you minimise the fees you pay.

Unpaid fines & debts:
We will work with you and the State Debt Recovery Office to reach an agreement for you to repay your outstanding fines. We can also refer you to several other organisations for help with the Work Development Order scheme which can reduce the amount you owe.


EAPA (Energy Accounts Payment Assistance)

EAPA is a NSW Government initiative to assist low income earners struggling to pay their electricity & gas bills.
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We currently have community outreach at various locations. Please contact the office to confirm these locations.

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