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Understanding Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day takes place annually on the first Wednesday in September. This initiative raises awareness about educational struggles faced by First Nations communities. Children who miss such an essential step in their literacy journey have a lifelong impact – literacy is a fundamental step of building context, comprehension and understanding throughout written, visual or auditory context. In remote communities across Australia, there is normally no infrastructure such as libraries or bookstores, thus having limited to no access to reading material and this impacts the achievements of Indigenous children.

There is a call to support indigenous communities in leading and owning their journeys to literacy. Generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children should be able to see their culture and languages in all books, they must see themselves in the stories they hear. Indigenous Literacy Day plays a crucial part in preserving cultures and languages and building indigenous pride.

How do we celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day?

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Acknowledgement of Aboriginal & Torres Strait People

Muru Mittigar is a proud Dharug Aboriginal Social Enterprise, providing ‘real time’ employment, education, and training opportunities to the Western Sydney Aboriginal & Torres Strait Community. Our offerings encompass authentic Australian Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Programs, Community Assistance and Financial Services, and high-quality Contracting and Consulting business services such as landscaping, arboriculture, native plant nursery and land conservation management services.

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