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Tree Management Practices To Be Avoided

Lopping and topping

Lopping and topping are unacceptable practices for the following reasons:

Wound painting

In theory, wound dressings or paints are meant to prevent decay, stimulate wound closure and improve the appearance of a wound. Extensive research has shown that there are no wound dressings that prevent decay. Most dressings have no effect on wound closure and some damage tree tissues and may improve conditions for wood decay fungi. The colour and texture of most paints is far from natural. The best practice is to prune to the appropriate positions outlined in this Standard and do not use wound paints. If natural target pruning is followed, the tree’s own protective mechanisms will normally provide adequate defence.

Flush cutting

This is a method of pruning that was quite common for many years, however it is now considered to be unacceptable and detrimental to tree health and structure. This practice that damages or removes the branch collar is unacceptable for the following reasons:

Root Pruning

Roots are responsible for the uptake of nutrients and water and for anchoring and supporting the tree in the ground. The pruning of roots may place the tree under stress, allow entry of pathogens, including root-rotting fungi and may destabilise the tree.

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