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4 Popular Dreamtimes Stories for Children

1. ‘How the Kangaroo Got its Pouch’ A story about Australia’s most iconic marsupial. There is a popular legend that the Kangaroo didn’t always have a pouch. The story goes — a dingo once chased a baby kangaroo, called a joey and then found protection from its mother. Because the Joey didn’t have a pouch to hide in, it was…

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How To Measure Tree Height

The Stick Method 1. Standing some distance back, hold a stick at arm’s length so that it seems to be the same height as the tree.2. Pivot the stick so that it is level with the ground. Get someone to mark where the end of the stick is in the distance.3. Measure the distance between point A and the base…

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Tree Management Practices To Be Avoided

Lopping and topping Lopping and topping are unacceptable practices for the following reasons: They increase the rate of shoot production and elongation. The resulting regrowth is weakly attached and becomes prone to failure or collapse. The stubs may decay. The natural habit of the tree is destroyed. They may reduce the lifespan of the tree. They predispose trees to fungal…

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