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How To Measure Tree Height

The Stick Method

1. Standing some distance back, hold a stick at arm’s length so that it seems to be the same height as the tree.
2. Pivot the stick so that it is level with the ground. Get someone to mark where the end of the stick is in the distance.
3. Measure the distance between point A and the base of the tree. This distance is approximately the height of the tree.

Using Your Smartphone – (download spirit level app)

1. Stand away from the tree so that you can see its top. Bring the smartphone to your eye and sight along its edge, as if you’re looking down a gunsight, aiming at the very top of the tree.
2. Open the virtual spirit level app on your smartphone and select the angle measure. Keep moving away until you have an angle of 45 degree.
3. Measure the distance that you are from the tree. This distance is equal to the height of the tree less your height.
4. Measure the distance from your eye height to the ground. Add this to the distance from the tree.

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