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Facts About Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping is essentially breaking down large amounts of wood into smaller pieces with a ‘chipper’ machine. This practice is to recycle and reuse the wood, typically for mulching purposes, instead of discarding the green waste to the tip. Wood chips are made up of broken-down wood and are robust in nature, perfect for perennial plants, fruiting species and certain trees.

There are many benefits to adding a good quality mulch to your garden space, such as – conserving moisture, reducing weed growth, improving soil’s health, providing nutrients to the soil, garden aesthetic and also preventing soil compaction. Mulching is a process implemented to help promote growth and increase plant health. This garden method helps to regulate temperature, encourage microorganisms to grow and reduce soil compaction.

Caring for Country is part of our vision at Muru Mittigar. Our stewardship of open spaces allows us to provide positive and long lasting environmental outcomes. We are passionate about getting the greatest amenity from our natural environment.

For all Landscape Maintenance enquiries, please contact: Operations Manager – Steve Brown Jr. (02) 4730 0400 e:

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