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Aboriginal Farming and Agriculture

Aboriginal people have sophisticated farming and agricultural techniques — these skills include planting seeds to create vast farms filled with crops, caring for the soil, harvesting the crops and storing the produce. Aboriginal people have also baked bread produced from the grains harvested from their farms. Aboriginal farming and agriculture is adaptive to the many Australian climates. Other produce include yams and tubers, grains and grasses — including rice, fruit, vegetables and so much more. Aboriginal people have also built dams, trenches and wells, for the purpose of water sources for crops.

After colonisation, these farming practices were disrupted and many crops were unfortunately destroyed by livestock. Though, there are Mobs coming together to revive these Aboriginal farming practices.

Aboriginal people preserved and stored their food — for the purpose that their communities could be fed throughout the year. Aboriginal people stored their grains, nuts, fruit and veggies, fish and meats — primarily in parcels made from natural components i.e: clay and straw, compartments built from wood, and sometimes in bags and hollows of trees. These sophisticated storage techniques were also used to feed those at ceremonies and gatherings.

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Acknowledgement of Aboriginal & Torres Strait People

Muru Mittigar is a proud Dharug Aboriginal Social Enterprise, providing ‘real time’ employment, education, and training opportunities to the Western Sydney Aboriginal & Torres Strait Community. Our offerings encompass authentic Australian Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Programs, Community Assistance and Financial Services, and high-quality Contracting and Consulting business services such as landscaping, arboriculture, native plant nursery and land conservation management services.

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