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What role does an Elder have in Indigenous Communities?

Aboriginal Elders are respected for their stories, art, song and language — while many of them are caring for their grandchildren, they are also involved in providing education and guidance through services. It’s important to empower Elders and support them in a way where a positive step can be attributed in helping close the gap and transfer sacred spiritual knowledge.

Elders aim to provide guidance, counselling and knowledge. Spending time with elders and community can help people — many of whom are dealing with mental health issues feel a positive connection to their history, Country and the Dreamtime.

Elders play a large part in preserving traditional knowledge and also help tackle broader community issues such as health, education, unemployment, racism and oppression. It should be voiced across the nation to empower Elders with the support necessary to address issues in their communities — thus we can make a positive step in helping close the gap and transferring sacred spiritual knowledge.

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