First Nations business. Operating for over 20 years. Working in and with the Community to make a difference.

Since the start of European settlement in Australia, a great many invasive plant species have been introduced, causing a range of negative environmental impacts. Muru Mittigar has over 15 years’ experience in providing a broad range of vegetation management services to deliver positive environmental outcomes on Country.


Muru Mittigar is a contracting social enterprise changing the way our land is managed. Our unique model of traditional land management practice adopts industry-leading use of technology. We deliver across diverse specialty areas and achieve social and workforce development outcomes.

Our Caring for Country Division allows stakeholders such as land managers, mining groups, land holders and government to outsource their environmental and community projects to a solutions-focused organisation. Our focus is to provide a maximum return on stakeholder investment.

Weed Control

Muru Mittigar provides a diverse range of weed control services. These include; comprehensive bush regeneration programs, primary weed control, high volume spraying, aquatic weeding, mowing, broad acre and maintenance weed control. We have extensive experience working with a range of clients from all levels of government to corporate clients and private landholders.


Muru Mittigar has successfully completed the installation of over 500,000 native plants across a range of sites, for an equally diverse range of sites. Our service offerings include; site preparation, plant supply, plant installation, tree guarding, installation of irrigation and ongoing site maintenance. With our provenance native plant nursery, we can provide the complete revegetation solution for our clients from start to finish.


Muru Mittigar can provide in-depth consultation services for vegetation management projects of all sizes. Experienced staff can develop vegetation management plans, undertake flora surveys, complete native vegetation and/or weed mapping activities, conduct site monitoring and provide site specific advice on a broad range of vegetation management activities.



All our Land Management Services (Caring for Country) are unique as we incorporate Aboriginal Cultural Considerations into all our practices.