Muru Mittigar offers an authentic Australian Indigenous cultural experience for all travellers. We invite you to share in and celebrate the rich history of Aboriginal Darug culture, our land and our people. We offer a special meeting space to develop an understanding of Aboriginal culture and provide an authentic insight into Aboriginal heritage. Muru Mittigar’s cultural guides will take you on a journey through exciting and enriching cultural activities of sensory experiences including:

Cultural Talks – We explain the maps of Aboriginal Australia, the way of life and the protocols we lived by.  We showcase the implements and weaponry that were used traditionally, explaining how they were made, when and why they were used and by whom.

Bush Resources – Participate in a bush resource walk, where our guides will take you through the Muru Mittigar gardens, explaining the food, the healing properties and other resources found from native plants established onsite.

Boomerang Throwing – Experience the ancient art of boomerang throwing in our beautiful bush setting, where our experienced staff can teach you how to throw the boomerangs and talk about the different uses for the boomerang.

Aboriginal Art – Paint your own story to take home as a souvenir of your visit. Experienced and professional Aboriginal artists will assist you with designing your painting using traditional Aboriginal symbols. Learn different art styles and their meanings.