Muru Mittigar delivers Aboriginal Cultural experiences through excursions and incursions, for all schools ages ranging from early childhood to high school.

Our school programs have been designed and developed to create a unique opportunity for our local schools and their students to participate in an interactive and hands on experience with members of the local Aboriginal community through educational and cultural programs. Our cultural officers introduce various aspects of the Aboriginal culture, history, heritage, traditions and protocols.

We can adapt delivery to align with Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) per stage, or age group.

Workshops include an introduction to Aboriginal Australia, our instruments, weapons and tools through cultural talks, Dreamtime storytelling, boomerang throwing, bush resource walks, didgeridoo* talks and traditional art.

*Didgeridoo is not a traditional Darug instrument and we will explain its origins from other regions.

The Schools Program objectives include:

  • The importance and significance of our Dreaming as our belief system and as a teaching method of values, morals and Lore, and the connection it has to ceremonies and traditional dance and song.
  • To gain a stronger understanding to all plants and animals and immediate environment with respect to the land.
  • To develop an appreciation and knowledge of Aboriginal art and its value in visual story telling from generation to generation.
  • Importantly to develop a sense of acknowledgement and respect for the traditional custodians of our country through cultural awareness.

For further details, please download the information pack for this program HERE

Travel subsidy applications for NSW primary school’s with an FOEI score of 100 or more are currently closed.

 However, you can register for updates by CLICKING HERE.


 Group Numbers All 4 Activities
Minimum of 20 $20.00 per student
Teachers / Adults $20.00 per adult
Incursion Travel Fee $16.50 (subject to change depending on location)
Free of charge ratio of 1 teacher per 10 students applies.