Muru Mittigar Welcomes the NSW Government Aboriginal Procurement Policy for 1,000 New Jobs Per Year in NSW to 2021

Muru Mittigar’s expansion to deliver commercial services, has been bolstered by the latest NSW Government announcement to expand procurement spending to Aboriginal suppliers.   

Muru Mittigar is a long standing advocate of meaningful and long term employment opportunities which leverage commercial activities, to provide real time industry experience to Aboriginal job seekers. The Liberal government’s The Hon Alan Tudge in previous role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with Member for Lindsay Fiona Scott, announced the Indigenous Procurement Policy from Muru Mittigar in Penrith, with other local Aboriginal business owners in Western Sydney in May 2015.

“Situated in Darug Country heartland, Muru Mittigar is currently in an expansion phase to exploit existing and future employment opportunities directly with NSW government, and its’ Tier 1 suppliers” Muru Mittigar CEO Mr Peter Chia said.

Muru Mittigar is already employing over 25 Aboriginal job seekers per year within NSW government competitive contracts to contribute to the NSW government APP Policy targets with around 5% of the 1000 individual job targets alone”.

Mr Chia said “Clients who are committed to Aboriginal participation in local industry like, Western Sydney Parklands, National Parks and Wildlife, Fair Trading and NSW government agency buyers, are stepping up to match non-government buyers like Sydney Zoo, Lendlease, and other Tier 1 infrastructure builders.  These clients are demonstrating innovation and determination in structuring appropriate contract arrangements which contribute to Muru Mittigar’s success rate (averaging 85% full time employment after 2 years of commencement since 2013)”.

“Muru Mittigar’s overall agenda is to embed cultural values in the personal and professional lives of who we work with, so the long term expansion of the Aboriginal business ‘talent pool’ continues to grow and benefits future generations.  It is also a reminder to industry, that Aboriginal-owned business owners remain 100 times more likely to recruit Aboriginal people in their organisation”.

For further enquiries, please contact Peter Chia on 0427 077 055 or visit the Muru Mittigar website

‘For more information on the NSW IPP Policy, visit

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