Meet the Landscape Manager of Muru Mittigar

Within our many divisions at Muru Mittigar, Kristian Mitchell is your go-to for all things landscape. Before his journey, Kristian underwent studies at TAFE in Certificate III and IV in Horticulture, majoring in Turf Management; adopting an abundance of knowledge and experience in sports turf.

At the beginning of his career as a casual groundsman at Hornsby Shire Council, Kristian learnt a plethora of practical skills, which he then used to further develop his career. 

Moving on from the HSC, Kristian had an interest in discovering working in the private sector. Starting off as a grounds team member at Western Sydney’s private school, The Kings School. Soon after, developing the craft of private sector expertise – onward to the prestigious North Sydney school, The Shore School.

After Kristian’s time at The Shore School, he decided to move on and further develop his career. Ambitious and driven, Kristian transitioned from private sector to business where he successfully achieved the role of a Sales Manager with speciality in Operations.  

From July 2021, Kristian found himself at the helm of Muru Mittigar’s Landscaping arm, where he continues to add value toward Muru Mittigar’s ethos and nurture our external relations.

For enquiries, please contact:

Kristian Mitchell

Landscape Manager 

0459 279 928