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Culture Activities


Guests to our Cultural Centre learn about the different Aboriginal language groups, lifestyle, protocols, song lines and how to read the Aboriginal Australia map. 

Our centre has a range of artefacts, including the coolamon, emu caller, clap sticks, didgeridoo, spears, boomerangs and stone tools. Our culture presenters share their knowledge of how the artefacts are used, the production of these artefacts and their significance. 


Culture presenters take you through our centre’s bush tucker garden and explain the Aboriginal uses of the plants. We share our knowledge of the many different resources found in the environment. 


In this workshop visitors can experience the ancient art of boomerang throwing in our beautiful bush setting. 

Our culture presenters will assist with throwing returning boomerangs and share their knowledge on the 9 different boomerangs we use in our area. They each have a clear purpose, for example some were used specifically for ceremonies, music or trade and others for survival through hunting and digging.


Aboriginal art is an important part of Aboriginal culture and history. We use art to tell our stories, teach and portray an event through creative expression. 

We discuss the different painting styles from areas across Australia, and explain the differences between each. Our Aboriginal artists will then assist you with designing and painting your personal story using traditional Aboriginal symbols.