Artefact Collection at Muru MittigarAboriginal people have been caring for the land for over 70,000 years in Australia. While methods have changed, the cultural approaches have not.

Muru Mittigar’s ‘Caring for Country’ approach applies integrated methodologies to complex environmental, cultural and social problems. Aboriginal people have a responsibility culturally to Care for Country and Muru Mittigar considers this an integral part of our approach.


Muru Mittigar's philosophyMuru Mittigar is a contracting social enterprise changing the way our land is managed. Our unique model of traditional land management practice adopts industry-leading use of technology across diverse specialty areas and incorporates social development and workforce development outcomes.

Our Caring for Country Division allows land managers, mining groups, land holders and government to outsource their environmental and community projects to a solutions-focused organisation, motivated to ensure maximum return on investment by our stakeholders.


Garden Work at Muru MittigarOur specialty areas of expertise identify three primary elements required to create change in our environment and society. Through traditional cultural practice and contemporary science, the delivery of knowledge is key to empowering people to connect with and value Country; one element cannot exist without the other.

Operating in an increasingly competitive and carbon-based economy, our stakeholders (who we consider to be investors in Country), require an effective and user friendly working partner using a ‘solutions-based’ approach to deliver effective environmental and social outcomes for their organisation.


People at the WorkhouseMuru Mittigar’s Caring for Country division employs a Social Procurement Model, utilising industry-leading practice whilst developing a local workforce resource to improve the social and economic independence of Aboriginal People.

Our service delivery, which is modelled on practices over a millennium of generations, aligns methods which enabled the Australian bush and waters to sustain human existence.

Our community partners can utilise combined resources to deliver a local unique package within any region of NSW. From project initiation through to monitoring and maintenance of a land holding or offset property, Muru Mittigar provides cost-effective solutions utilising local Aboriginal workforce engagement and resources.

To provide a baseline comparison to industry standards, Muru Mittigar:

  • Manages a workforce comprised of over 75% of Aboriginal employees
  • Has placed over 1,000 Aboriginal people into full time employment
  • Conforms to Occupational Health and Safety Mines Act and WorkCover legislation
  • Employs specialist, qualified and tertiary trained staff
  • Records and documents all field operations and monitoring in ArcGIS format
  • Is diversified across several industry sectors through commercial enterprise reducing exposure to government dependence or commercial market fluctuations.


Muru Mittigar utilises all surplus funds to provide direct delivery of support services to workers including community finance, career development and mentoring support.

Muru Mittigar is a pioneer of Social Procurement through industry enterprise aiming to secure employment for another 1,000 Aboriginal People as part of a National Pride Campaign for all Australians by 2018. Our Social Enterprise model is also adopted in the wider community between partner groups and local stakeholders, to create economic and employment opportunities in their own communities.


Caring for Country key services include:

  • Monitoring and Recording
  • Strategic Planning and Resourcing
  • Invasive Pest Control
  • Fire Management
  • Carbon Conservation
  • Environmental Impact Offsetting
  • Provenance Nursery and Seed Bank

These key land management service areas are delivered using traditional practices to improve the identity and social and professional outcomes of Aboriginal People.

For further information on Muru Mittigar’s Caring for Country program please click here to download our information pack.