First Nations business. Operating for over 20 years. Working in and with the Community to make a difference.

Australia is a land of droughts, floods and bushfires. With the impacts of climate change, bushfires are becoming an even greater threat to the community and infrastructure. Muru Mittigar has been working for over 15 years to reduce the impact of bushfires to the community.


Muru Mittigar is a contracting social enterprise changing the way our land is managed. Our unique model of traditional land management practice adopts industry-leading use of technology. We deliver across diverse specialty areas and achieve social and workforce development outcomes.

Our Caring for Country Division allows stakeholders such as land managers, mining groups, land holders and government to outsource their environmental and community projects to a solutions-focused organisation. Our focus is to provide a maximum return on stakeholder investment.

Consultation & Design

Muru Mittigar has over 15 years experience in designing and consulting on Asset Protection Zones. Our services include; designing and planning the establishment of an asset protection zone, consultation with the Rural Fire Service, consultation and advice to regulations and standards (AS:3959) and maintenance plans.

Asset Protection Zone Establishment

Muru Mittigar has established in excess of 200 Asset Protection Zones and these zones where proven effective in protecting the community. Some of our services include; working with land owners and traditional custodians; removing of trees and fine fuels; civil works; compliance to the relevant standard; guideline and/or legislation.

Asset Protection Zone Maintenance

After the establishment of an Asset Protection Zone the maintenance of the zone is crucial to maintain effectiveness and compliance. Our services include; reviewing of growth; pruning and tree removal as needed; fine fuel removal; rubbish removal; reporting.


All our Land Management Services (Caring for Country) are unique as we incorporate Aboriginal Cultural Considerations into all our practices.