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Culture talks

Guests in our Cultural Centre learn about tribal areas, Aboriginal culture and local Traditional Owners (Darug tribe). Our guides will share with you the stories of our Aboriginal ancestors and how our people learn to respect mother earth and the Lore.

The centre displays a range of artefacts including those used in dance, music, ceremonies, hunting and fishing. An experienced Aboriginal tour guide will share the history, symbolism and purpose of utensils, weapons and traditional tools including the Coolamon Dish, Digging Sticks, Lil-Lil, Woganurra, Nulla Nulla, Boondi, Fighting Shield, Emu Callers, Clap Sticks, Spears, Fire Sticks, Dilly Bags, Woomera and Boomerang.

  • Apology Day 2015
  • Apology Day 2015

Bush Tucker

At the centre you can participate in bush tucker tours, where our guides will take you through the Muru Mittigar bush tucker gardens, explaining the healing properties of the native plants established onsite.

You can also have bush tucker catering included as part of your visit where you can sample traditional damper, wattle-seed pikelets with native jams, or a BBQ ‘bush tucker taste test’, offering the finest native game meat, such as kangaroo and emu.

  • Apology Day 2015

Boomerang Workshops

In this workshop visitors can experience the ancient art of boomerang throwing in our beautiful bush setting, supported by experienced staff offering expert advice.

Boomerangs play a significant role in both traditional hunting and in traditional ceremonies. They are sometimes used to tell the didgeridoo player when to start playing, and to keep beat and rhythm for dancers and the didgeridoo player.

Returning Boomerangs are traditionally made from the roots of a tree and are used to scare the birds out of the trees or off the water. Hunting boomerangs are mainly used for hunting kangaroos

Aboriginal Artwork

Aboriginal art is an important part of Aboriginal culture and history. Art is also another method of telling a story or portraying an event through creative expression. At Muru Mittigar you can paint your own story on a boomerang or a souvenir of your choice. Experienced and professional Aboriginal artists will assist you with designing and painting your personal story using traditional Aboriginal symbols.

Unique hand crafted Aboriginal art works are also available through the Muru Mittigar Online Shop – coming soon.

Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Workshops

The ‘Yidaki’, more commonly known as Didgeridoo, is the oldest wooden wind instrument in the world. This instrument is only allowed to be played by men – the story about the creation of this instrument, along with the reasons why only men are allowed to play it are told in our Yidaki Workshop.

The distinctive sounds of the Yidaki are demonstrated by a tour guide playing various tunes and animal sounds that are thousands of years old. This workshop explains how the instrument is crafted, its origins and its cultural significance. You will learn how to breath, make sounds, rhythms and stories.

School Programs

In alignment with the new HSIE Human Society Environment learning outcomes, Muru Mittigar’s school programs have been designed and developed to create a unique opportunity for our local schools and their students to participate in an interactive and hands-on experience. Workshops include: an introduction to Aboriginal Australia, our instruments, weaponry and tools through Cultural Talks; Dreamtime Story Telling; Boomerang Throwing; Yarra (Bush Tucker) Walk; Didgeridoo Talk and Traditional Art.

For further details on the Schools Program Overview click here.